Updated on July 16, 2021

Methow Rafting's current COVID-19 Policy is: if a person has been vaccinated, then no mask is required. If a person has not been vaccinated, then a mask is required on the bus ride. Masks are provided if needed.

Updated on July 20, 2020

Masks worn over the mouth and nose are required. When arriving at the meeting location for rafting or boathouse for tubing please wear your mask before approaching staff. Staff will inform you when it is appropriate to remove your mask and how to social distance when they are removed.

Updated on June 24, 2020

Rafting trips will be limited to household sizes of 2-4 per boat. The number depends on the boat size and making sure at least six feet are between the guests and guide.

Updated on June 12, 2020

Okanogan County is now in Governor Inslee's Safe Start Phase 2. In accordance with this guidance, Methow Rafting is now running rafting and kayaking trips. Each trip has a limit of 12 people from no more than three households. Each raft will carry no more than one household at a time. Masks will be worn on bus shuttles so please bring your own. If you forget Methow Rafting will provide a mask. All other Standard Operating Procedures will be consistent with Phase 1. 

Updated on May 21, 2020

Under guidance from Governor Inslee's Safe Start Phased Reopening, Methow Rafting will now be operating guided kayak tours. "During Phase 1 of Safe Start Washington clients for guided tour trips must be all be from the same household with maximum of 8 participants." This is verbatim from the Outdoor Recreation Phase 1 Clarification isuued on May 14, 2020. The webpage can be found here:

During Phase 1 Methow Rafting will not be operating any rafting trips. Details on how to Visit Responsibly and What Trips Look Like can be found under the corresponding tabs under COVID-19 Reponse. These are working documents and will be updated regularly.

During Phase 2 Methow Rafting currently plans to continue guided kayaking tours and begin rafting with one household per boat. "In Phase 2, groups of mixed households are allowed, with a maximum of 3 households and a maximum of 12 individuals in a group."  Social distancing will still be required between participants of different households.

Updated on April 11, 2020

Dear Guests,

We want you to know that the health and safety of our guests and staff is our number one priority. As the COVID-19 pandemic and response evolves, and with it our decision of how to operate, this will always be our guiding statement. Travelers and recreationalists are concerned and so are we. The COVID-19 is spreading quickly and many measures are being put into place to protect us all.

We have cancelled all river trips through May 15th

In accordance with Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy order, Methow Rafting will not be running any river trips from now through May 15th. The order:

  • Requires every Washingtonian to stay home unless they need to pursue an essential activity.
  • Bans all gatherings for social, spiritual and recreational purposes.
  • Closes all businesses except essential businesses.

This decision is made because of our concern for the health and safety of our guests and staff and also to do our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19. We each must do our part for the greater good. Cancelling river trips is a challenging decision. With reasonable optimism, we believe this closure will pass, the economy will recover, and once again Methow Rafting will serve its guests the river trips they want. The timeline of this is uncertain. It may be soon or it may take some time. Only time will tell. Despite this, we believe times of uncertainty and adversity bring people, communities, states and nations closer together in unforeseeable ways.

Rebook instead of cancel

Please understand that if you choose to cancel we will provide a full refund up to a week before your trip. But, we ask you to rebook a future trip instead. You will receive a 10% discount if you do so. The trip can be for the 2020 season or the 2021 season. This will help our small owner-operator business weather these unprecedented times. Please rebook instead of cancel.

May 2020 and beyond

River trips beginning May 15th are currently open. We are carefully reevaluating this decision regularly and will keep you updated. 


When we do begin running trips again will will carefully screen all guests and staff on the following criteria:

  • If a guest or guide has been in close contact with someone (within approximately 6 feet for any sustained period of time) of a person known to have COVID-19 within the 14 days prior to a scheduled trip
  • If a guest or staff member develops flu-like symptoms (a fever, cough, and shortness of breath) during the 14 days prior to a scheduled trip

Everyone will need to sign a declaration of health form until further notice. Methow Rafting acts in accordance with current best practices and is regularly checking for updates. Here are our resources should you care to learn more:

Washington Governor Jay Inslee

Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)

U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories

Johns Hopkins University dashboard

What can you do?

Take care of yourself. Follow all travel advisories and restrictions. If you have signs or symptoms of COVID-19 before or after a trip please contact us immediately. If you are 60 or older, or if you have a chronic medical condition such as heart disease, lung disease, or diabetes, please contact us for individual advice.

In summary

Our mission at Methow Rafting is to provide fun and safe river experiences for our guests and community. Today, this goes beyond the river and as a small business we are doing our part to contribute to the health and safety of society. In time, we will be back on the water, laughing and paddling through crashing waves, lounging on rafts, and floating down the calm fresh waters of the Methow River. Soon the river will bring us back together. Until then, be patient and do your part. We’ll do ours. Stay tuned for more info.


Brandon Bertelsen and Dylan Marks

Owners and Guides

Methow Rafting