8 White Water Rafting Tips

Here are some white water rafting tips that will keep you safe during your journey enjoying this popular sport. These tips will make your experience more enjoyable and keep you safe.

1. Wear A Life Jacket Or Personal Floatation Device

Even if you are an experienced swimmer, it is important to stay safe while white water rafting by wearing a life jacket. All of the buckles on the jacket must stay clipped, and you must be sure that the jacket is fitted well to your body for it to work properly in an emergency. It should be fitted so that you can breathe, but not loose enough that it can be pulled over your head.

2. Wear A Helmet

You never know what may happen while you are white water rafting, so it is safe to be prepared and stay protected from danger by wearing a helmet to participate in white water rafting.

3. Hold The Paddle Properly

It is important to hold the handle properly while white water rafting. The proper way is to position one hand at the base of the paddle on the shaft. The other hand should be on the end of the shaft over the hard plastic "T" grip. This will help you control the paddle and prevent the "T" grip from hitting you in the face or possibly causing other damage.

4. Expect To Get Wet

Wear clothes and shoes that can get wet, and do not bring anything that is not waterproof including a cell phone or camera. If you do bring a camera, make sure that is waterproof and secure.

5. Wear Water Resistant Sunblock

Prepare to be out in the sun for many hours while rafting. Be sure to cover any exposed parts of your skin with waterproof sunblock that will not come off when you get splashed with water or sweating. This includes putting sunblock on your legs and knees because those are also likely to get burned with your position in the raft.

6. Pick The Right Outfitter

The right outfitter will have quality equipment and many years of experience. Methow River Raft & Kayak has many good reviews from previous guests, has up to date safe equipment and experienced staff.

7. Do Not Panic

If you happen to fall outside of the boat, do not panic. Quickly find the boat and grab on. Many times after someone falls out of the boat, they will pop up right next to it. If you pop up far away from the boat, look for other boats and the two sides of the riverbank.

8. Use Proper Swimming Techniques

If you find yourself outside the raft, there are two techniques to use. The "Down River Swimmers Position" is on your back with your head up, and knees bent. Be sure to keep your butt up, so it does not drag in the water and hit a rock. The second position is on your stomach swimming forward.