Methow River Information

Methow River Raft & Kayak is a river rafting and river tour company in Winthrop, WA. We offer rafting, kayaking, tubing, and stand up paddle boarding. Take an exciting tour of the Methow River with the help of our professional guides, or have a relaxing day floating down the river with friends. No matter whether you are a beginner or advanced, we will help you find the activity that fits your ability level. We offer tours and activities for all ages.

Methow River Facts

Winthrop, located in the northern part of the Methow Valley in Washington, is known as a highly sought after vacation destination. There are a variety of summer activities at the Methow River for the entire family. The river was named after the Methow Native Americans and is located near the Driveway Butte Trail in Okanogan National Forest. During the warm months, temperatures reach the 80's during the day and 50's during the night. In the winter, the high temperature gets to be about in the 20's in the day and 10's at night.

Areas The River Runs Through

The scenery surrounding the Methow River is the Northern Cascade National Park Mountain Range. Nearby is also the town of Twisp and Twisp River, which is a great area for arts and culture. There is also Hart's Pass road and the town of Mazama. Mazama is an attractive recreation area known for rock climbing and other amenities. If you enjoy camping, there are campsites nearby. If you plan on staying in a hotel, be sure to book one ahead of time. Nearby hotels tend to sell out quickly for the peak vacation months.

River Activities

There are many activities at Methow River including river rafting, which takes you on an exciting whitewater adventure, or a relaxing, mellow float. There are scenic rafting tours for all ages and ability levels. We have everything you need to ensure a safe fun filled trip for the entire family.

Our kayaking tours are lead by experienced guides who will be happy to give you all the instructions and safety tips you will need. Our stable inflatable kayaks are open at the top, so there is no need to worry about getting stuck underwater if you roll or the kayak tips. They are made of a sturdy material so you will be safe around the rocky area of the river.

Tubing is a fun group activity to join in. We take care of all the details of the trip. Just bring a swimsuit, and we will supply you with everything you need for tubing. Standup paddleboards are a fun activity even for beginners. We will provide you with the equipment and guide you to paddle successfully down the river. It may seem like and intimidating activity but once you get started, it is easier than it looks. Contact Methow River Raft & Kayak so we can help you plan an amazing getaway.