Trip Details

For the best tubing in Winthrop, visit Methow Rafting. Grab a tube and enjoy an exciting, late summer float! Drop by our headquarters at River Run Inn (1/2 mile West of Winthrop's 4-way stop) between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. The tube float begins at River Run Inn and lasts about 1 hour. The rental fee includes a high quality mesh bottom river tube, river booties, PFD (life preserver) and shuttle service. Bonus: If you are staying at the Winthrop KOA you get a free shuttle service from the campground! Just call for pickup.

What To Expect

At Methow Rafting, we've got everything covered for a great day on the river including all your gear and shuttle from the river at the end of the trip. We take care of all the details! After checking in with our staff you'll have time to change into your swimsuit and apply sunblock. When you're ready our guides will help you prepare for the trip, taking time to help outfit you with all of the gear you’ll need. Included in the cost of tube rentals is a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), high quality mesh bottom river tube and booties for your feet- everything you’ll need! There is a changing area and restroom available for your convenience.

Tubing On The Methow River

As soon as everybody's geared up, our staff will give a brief orientation that covers tube paddling technique, river safety and of course where you should get out of the river! Once that's out of the way you're free to launch. Expect to spend about one hour relaxing on the river with a few splashy waves to keep you cool. When you reach our designated take-out (our staff will explain how to locate that) you'll have to paddle for the shore. This can be a challenge at the beginning of the season when the water is moving faster so stay alert... don't float on by! We'll meet you at the take out and bring you back to your vehicle at River Run Inn!

What To Bring

Wear a swimsuit or clothes that can get wet. We supply neoprene river booties, PFD's (life vests) and high quality mesh bottom tubes. You will want to apply sunscreen before you launch. Optional items are inexpensive sunglasses and sunhat (it is possible that you might lose these).

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